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Our New Paradise

Waikiki and Kuhio Beaches.

Spending six nights in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Sofy and I got to experience part of the island life. Despite some unforeseen drama, what Hawaii has to offer didn’t fail us.

It has only been two days since we came back from our week-long trip and my daughter and I absolutely miss the place already. Hawaii gave us the experience of nature’s beauty and the true essence of Ohana, an experience we definitely will never forget. This experience convinced us to come back again hopefully in the near future. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind living in Hawaii.

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This is 36

Me at 36. I was hoping for some sort of a celebration 🎉 but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. Yet, I would like to take the time to appreciate and be thankful for those who thought of me and wished me a happy birthday, especially those who attempted to do something for me […]

This is 36
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Mask Mandates Lifted in Places, Including Schools

It’s great that things are slowly getting back to normal and masks are no longer required in most places in California, including schools. Not too sure about that, though. I don’t feel comfortable with masks being optional at my daughter’s elementary school. With the pandemic still there, I was hoping that our school district would require kids to wear masks at least while indoors. How safe could it be for our kids? Is it just me feeling skeptical and uncomfortable about this decision?

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The Birth of Me

Manila, Philippines

On that faithful afternoon of March 18, 1986 in the capital city of the Philippines, I made my first ever grand entrance into this world. Tiny then, still am now.

A chunk of my youth was spent living there, a country made with so much islands. Elementary days were a little fun though we had to wear our school uniforms daily.

Time has went on. So much stuff happened, many have changed. It’s been almost 24 years since I was last in my birth country. I’m sure it’s not going to be the same as I remember. Hopefully someday, I’ll be able to visit my birthplace.

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The Meaning Behind My Name

A heavenly gift.

A gift from God. Heavenly. A heavenly gift from God. That’s me. Or at least, my name’s meaning.

Finding out the meaning behind the names my mother gave, I initially thought that it was cute. It is cute. Then it made me think – does it suit me? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Growing up, I was never really close to both my parents. Up to now, I still am not. I grew up on my mom’s side. Though we bump heads consistently, I like to think that she loves me even though I’m not her actual favorite and “mini me.” The holes in our relationship may be patched somehow. I can’t say the same about my estranged father. The relationship has too many damages way beyond repair. Will I ever be able to say and feel that I am what they named me? I don’t know …

On the bright side, I have my maternal grandparents and my aunt who made me feel the true meaning of my name. The immense love they continuously showered me speaks volumes. It really felt like I’m their heavenly gift from God. Even though my grandpa passed away about 27 years ago, I can still feel his love and attention surrounding me everyday. With that, I am forever grateful.